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Two women trapped in separate worlds–one entrenched in the powerful, cutthroat arena of television production, the other drowning in a sea of violence at the hands of a deranged husband–each driven by the same burning hunger. Theirs is a hunger for passion, freedom, integrity and love. The struggle to satisfy that hunger leads each woman on a dramatic journey in which their lives intersect as they become entangled in an intriguing scenario involving sexual corruption, corporate chicanery, personal oppression and professional rebellion.

Julianne Sloan is a fiery producer consumed by her career in television production when an assignment causes her to cross paths with Elisa Tate, a woman fighting to regain her strength and protect her daughter from a dangerous family dynamic. Unlikely allies, these women engage in a suspenseful plot to expose a monstrous secret, using the power of the television spotlight to illuminate the crisis of women trapped in heinous circumstances, tortured by those they love and hindered by unforgiving judgement from those who touch their lives.

A suspenseful and provocative tapestry of characters and storylines, A DANGEROUS PROPOSITION reveals a matrix of sexual exploitation and personal oppression that will cause readers to scrutinize their own love lives and challenge their perspectives on love, lust, domination and victimization.

The characters and their courage to fight back will resonate with mothers, daughters, neighbors, friends…women everywhere.


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A Dangerous Proposition

A Dangerous Proposition