“If you rape me, I’ll have your ass,” she said firmly and calmly. She knew that panic would render her helpless and saw him flinch slightly at the harshness of the word “rape.”

“I’m fiery enough to bring you up on charges and nasty enough to create a scandal–you’re the married one, not me. There’s a string of pricks just like you who’ve already been hung out to dry, so take a number. Let’s not overlook that I’m strong enough to dig my nails into your flesh and give your wife a lot of questions to ask when you come home tonight. If I were you, I’d cut my losses and get the hell away from me now.”

With that, she mustered all her energy into one terrific shove which landed him back in his chair and she quickly moved past and darted through the doorway. She wanted to leave him with a statement that would put him in his place, give her that upper hand, but she was too flustered. She shot out the doorway and never looked back.

At home that night, she wondered how long it would take Ted Marshall to get her fired. That he would was no question. It was merely a matter of what story he would invent and how long and drawn out a process it would be. This was going through her mind when, just before midnight, the telephone shrieked through the silence…


A Dangerous Proposition

A Dangerous Proposition